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Pricing/Purchasing Info

Pricing is always based off the the quality of the kitten and the kittens pedigree as well. A kitten that is Show Quality means that it almost perfectly meets the TICA/CFA standards set for the Ragdoll coloring/markings. A show quality kitten will come with the rights to show the kitten if you wish to do so. Pet Quality is normally a kitten that has possible minor mismarks/markings that TICA/CFA does not recognize, which means that the kitten is not suitable to be shown. Please know that our pricing is based on our evaluations, we have worked very hard to perfect our lines, it's our passion. Our kittens come from some of the best bloodlines around the world and we are very proud of our sweet Ragdoll babies!!


Pet Quality: $2,500~$4,500

Show Quality: $4,000-$5,500

Breeding Quality (If Approved): $7,500 and up 

*Note* We occasionally hold kittens to observe and make decisions for the future of our breeding program, because of this we will occasionally have older kittens available once those decisions are made.  Kittens that are a bit older may have a lowered price (Depending on pedigree ect)

How to Purchase a Kitten

1) Fill out our kitten application at the bottom of this page, if you are interested in one or more of our available kittens.

2) After application we will require a short phone interview, during this interview we will be happy to answer any questions you have for us also.

3) Deposit is required to reserve your kitten, we will not hold any kitten without deposit.

We do prefer Venmo (operated by PayPal) to receive payments, if you select the purchase protection option you will be charged the fee.

We also happily accept Apple Pay or Zelle.


To reserve your pet kitten, a non-refundable deposit of $350.00 must be placed. 

Deposit terms and conditions:

1) We only accept deposits on available (already born) kittens.

2) Deposits are non refundable.

3) Each deposit reserves one specific kitten, we will not hold multiple kittens with one deposit.

4) We reserve the right to cancel the sale at anytime, all money will be refunded should we cancel, fees however are not refunded.


Please contact us to reserve your kitten, for availability or any other questions or concerns you may have.

NOTE- Remaining balance with sales tax will be due at least 24 hours before pickup if paying by Apple Pay, Zelle or Venmo. We accept cash only on pickup date.

Kittens always go home at approximately 12 weeks of age,  we will let you know when you have reserved your kitten the approximate weekend/dates your kitten can go home. If you are planning a vacation or it won't be a good time for you to bring your kitten home, please let us know. Any arrangements that need to be made for us to keep your kitten longer than the dates provided, are subject to approval. A fee will be charged for each additional week, to cover some of our additional expenses ($140.00 per week/$20.00 per additional day after that).

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